How The Beer Can Be Saved From Extinction

How the Beer Can Be Saved From Extinction. On September 4th,2021, an unknown asteroid hits the planet Mars, causing massive mass extinction. All life on Mars immediately dies off, and the entire red planet is left with nothing but a red dust surface and some cool looking craters. NASA’s Surveyor has located fragments of these rocks on the moon and took soil samples, which they will use to create a space suit to be used by astronauts, who will land on the moon to study the effects of the impact.

How the Beer Can Be Saved From Extinction. NASA, working in conjunction with several space agencies, including the European Space Agency, has been collecting samples from the moon that will be used to create the first space suits to be used by astronauts. Once these suits are ready, they will be used to help astronauts carry out their experiments in space, such as how the beer can was saved from Extinction. This will allow scientists to learn what type of organisms lived in the Earth’s past, which will also shed light on how life survived on Mars. These samples will also help scientists find out if Mars was able to support life.

How the Beer Can Be Saved From Extinction. Once the space suit is ready, it will be launched into space. The astronauts who wear the space suit will be allowed to drink the samples of rock and soil from the Martian surface, which will provide them with vital clues about how the Earth got to where it is today. The samples will be analyzed by NASA to discover what kind of organisms lived in the past and how they died out, if they did exist at all.

How the Beer Can Be Saved From Extinction. Once the samples have been returned to earth, they will undergo analysis by a team of scientists. They will find out if all the rocks and soil that the sample gathered from the moon were deposited on the surface by volcanic activity, or whether they were lost forever when the space suit was put to use. This discovery could help us learn more about the composition of other planets in our solar system and even go farther into the origins of the universe itself.

How the Beer Can Be Saved From Extinction. If the volcanic rocks found on the surface of Mars were indeed deposited by volcanoes, then scientists will find out if there was once a large volcano on the planet. Perhaps one of its erupting volcanoes could have blocked out the sun, causing its surface to become too hot and cold. If the surface temperature ever stabilizes and becomes bearable, then life could have thrived there, although no one is quite sure where it would have originated from.

How the Beer Can Be Saved From Extinction. Now that the scientists have the data on Mars, they can take their samples back to Earth for analysis. Perhaps they will find the same composition of minerals that they found in Mars, although that composition has never been conclusively proven. However, we do know that life did exist on Mars at one time, and without the volcanic ash, the life that lived there may have been wiped out.

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